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Important information about novel coronavirus (COVID 19)

If you have symptoms of an airway infection (e.g. cough, fever and/or troubled breathing) or have been in contact with an individual suspected of having COVID-19 or a confirmed case of COVID-19, please contact us by phone and do not enter the clinic unannounced.

Welcome to the clinic!
The clinic is a partnership practice. If you have a chronic condition or more complicated issues it is preferable to be followed by the same doctor. You may see another doctor if your own doctor is busy or absent. If an urgent or quick medical evaluation is needed you will see the first doctor available.
All general practitioners are specialists in family medicine. Family medicine is the medical specialty which provides continuing, comprehensive health care for the individual and family from birth throughout life.
Main staff of senior doctors:
Sif Kielgast
Gitte Krogh Madsen
Betina Overgaard Kornblit
Uffe Lomholt Gade
Ditte Rosite Borup

We each work 4 days a week in the clinic.


Katja Søgaard 
Helle Farre Vestergaard


Charlotte Greve Holsbo
Helle Baagdan
Lotte Ebdrup
Janne Stilling Laursen
Rebecca Holde Hansen

Biomedical laboratory technician:
Anne Linder
Kathrine Steen Nielsen

Assistant nurse:

Doctors in training:
We train interns and doctors specializing in family medicine. We employ 1-2 doctors on a permanent basis, but additionally we have 3-4 doctors who have been with us earlier coming only once a month.  At the moment 2019 /2020, you can meet:

Charlotte Ferløv-Schwensen
Svenja Krâmer
Janni Quiros

Phone consultation:
Every day between 8-12 AM a nurse and a secretary will answer the phone and assess if your health condition needs urgent care. From Sep. 1st, 2019 the doctors are no longer available for phone consultations in the mornings. 

Please avoid calling the staff between 8-9.30 AM to arrange for not urgent appointments or renewal of presciptions.
The staff can help you make appointments and book an interpreter for your visit. Please tell us what the consultation is about so we can schedule the appropriate amount of time.
The nurse can also renew your prescriptions and inform you about test results. She can also shortly give advice on acute illness, ongoing medical treatment or evaluate the need for an urgent consultation in the clinic.
You need to schedule all appointments with the doctor or the nurse.  For regular appointments we recommend that you book a "SHORT VISIT" (in Danish "KORT TID"). These appointments are available for booking on our webpage the day prior to the appointment from 12 o'clock noon, or on the day of the visit from 8-9.00 AM by phoning the clinic.

For pregnancy and child check-ups, regular check-ups for chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, etc.) and medical certificates and if you wish to see a specific doctor or need a specific time you need to book well in advance. These special consultations are not available as "SHORT VISITS".

For an ordinary consultation we schedule 10-15 minutes. There is rarely enough time to discuss more than one issue per consultation, but it is always possible to make another appointment for remaining topics.
Please cancel your appointment if you are not able to make it. That way somebody else can benefit from the time.
Acute illness:
We are usually able to give you an appointment the same day in case of acute problems. The consultation has to focus on the acute problem though. The appointment is arranged by making a booking on our webpage from the previous day at 12 noon (book as "SHORT VISIT") or by calling the clinic on the day of the visit between 8-12 AM.
 After 4 PM and outside our opening hours, you must call "Lægevagten" (Doctor-on-call).
You can set up an appointment with the nurse i.e. for chronic disease check-up, measuring of blood pressure, blood samples, treatment of wounds, removal of sutures, contraception check-up, the first pregnancy check-up and vaccinations.
Waiting time:
We constantly strive to keep the waiting time for all patients at an absolute minimum. Therefore it is important that you show up on time for your appointment. However, we deal with illness and difficult problems, often acute issues and with people in crisis. Therefore we are unfortunately not always able to be on time. If you are not able to wait, please tell and make a new appointment at the reception.
Blood samples:
You have to book an appointment for blood samples.
The laboratory technician has open every day between  8.00 and 11.00 
Test results:
If we do any kind of test (blood work, pap-smear etc.), it is your own responsibility to obtain the result from us. We can arrange a follow-up appointment, an e-mail response or you can call the nurse.
Referrals to specialists, hospitals, physiotherapists, psychologists etc. are only possible after a consultation in the clinic and only if your doctor considers it relevant. It is not possible to make an appointment with a specialist without consulting us first. However, you do not need a referral for eye doctors and ear-nose-throat doctors.
House calls:
We do house calls if the doctor considers it necessary. It is arranged by calling us from 8-12 AM. We take the most acute visits first. 
Doctor-on-call (Lægevagten):
After 4 PM until 8 AM and during weekends and national holidays, call 70 15 07 00.
By using E-KONS LOGIN on the front page (forside) you can set up appointments, renew prescriptions or send us an e-mail. E-mails will be answered within 5 days, so please only use this option for non-acute issues. We can provide you with test results via e-mail.
On our website you will also find information about important news and changes in the clinic schedule.
Influenza vaccination:
To be renewed every year in October/November. Until January 1st the vaccination is free of charge for people on retirement, people age 65 and above and for people with certain chronic diseases. We also recommend pregnant women to get vaccinated in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.
Travel medicine (general advice and vaccination):
Set up a consultation with one of our specially trained nurses for thorough advice and vaccinations if you are travelling to other parts of the world. Note: It is not covered by the national health care system – fees will apply.
Sundhedskortet (“The yellow card”):
Please always bring the card when you have an appointment. Scan it at the counter upon arrival.
If you have a Danish CPR number most medical treatments and services are covered by Sygesikringen (The National Health Insurance) and are free of charge.
Specific rules apply to people from the Nordic countries and The European Union.
However some services are not covered, e.g. travel advice and travel vaccinations as well as many certificates.
If you do not have a CPR number or a blue EU medical insurance card you need to pay for consultations.
Please pay at the reception after the consultation, either in cash or with credit card (Dankort).
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